Plot Summary

A fifteen year old female, Connie, is caught in a maze.  She cant find her way out of her mother’s misinterpretation of her daughter’s character.  Connie’s mother wants to find the daughter she had beneath the makeup and all the hair spray.  She wants to find the daughter she wishes was similar to her older daughter, June.  Connie, on the other hand, wants to blossom in society as a sexy, attractive, female.  She wants everyone to have their eyes on her, in a “she is very attractive” kind of way.  She acts in ways a fifteen year old shouldn’t. She constantly goes out without parental supervision and  she integrates with people she doesn’t know.  Most importantly, and presumably the worst, she lets her guard down to any good looking male.  This is her way of proving to herself that she is attractive.  However, she doesn’t realize that the age she is at, all that guys pertain is sexual preference. They don’t know what love is yet so they just look at Connie as an attractive female that they can enjoy themselves with sexually.  This eventually leads to very bad things that will scar Connie for long.  She meets and associates with the wrong man, one she does not know.  The next day, while home alone she gets a visit from two strangers, a visit no fifteen year old wants paid to her.  Connie, scared and threatened wanted to call the police but this stranger came in with a devised plan.  He kept repeating “If you don’t touch the phone, I wont come in the house, I just want to talk to you.”  After countless minutes of intense gestures from the strangers and scared responses from Connie, she finally gives in.  She follows the strangers into their car, an act that is very irresponsible but in the spur of the moment, you cant fault her.  This led to Connie being kidnapped and that is how the story concludes.

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